sat am session

this morning's session - work not finished,
took snaps of first two stages,
top image conte drawing - worked well
I then brush it with alcohol to rough it up
add some pastel then wet that with alcohol to
stop it getting tight ( although alcohol is often
used to get tight- as I understand)
the second image shows that stage - drawing
still wet with the alcohol,
and final image after working with gouache
for a while....
will leave it well alone for a few hours
to see how much more work it needs..


T shirts

always enjoy messing with photoshop
so thought I would try to do some
Tshirt designs to show on Redbubble..
these are the first two.....

a start with Louise

a model I have worked with over the years-
great face and body and lovely sweet character
at least when she is with me :-)
this just begun with conte , some pastel
and gouache on a speckly grey/blue paper
Hope to get it finished over next day or two


gouache study

a simple study in gouache with some conte-
going though a period on mental"white noise"
- (must be known to most artists)
when there is continual background
agitation in the mind about techniques
and processes..... often leads to new ideas etc
but is often a pain in the neck!!!


two gouaches

the two loose conte/wtc/gouache from this
morning's session - strange really after a sleepless
night I was expecting to produce rubbish
but this young lady is such an inspiration
that I think these are ok...
and the model liked them as well!


loosen up gouache

am painfuly aware that my gouache stuff
gets tight so am looking for some ways
to be more casual about it

more polka dots

tried out ws graphite on illustration board
(Daler) and the surface seems to cope very well
to wetting, rubbing and masking medium...
I guess, from the sorry state of my sable brushes,
that water soluble graphite is not brush friendly
but I do like the effects!


two doodles in gouache and pen

should have been working with
my lovely model this morning but
was unwell so had to cancel - so instead
doodled around seeing how pen and ink
mixes with gouache and these two
images have resulted.....
often fiddling like this suggests a way forward


polka dot bra

in ws graphite on untreated
Saunders Waterford hp paper - I used
to like this paper but Arches has a tougher
surface more suitable to the soluble graphite....


finished (?) plus detail

this I think is finished -
was wondering about a pattern in
the oblong around the head but will
leave well alone for a day or so...
like the feel in the head area....


watersoluble graphite in progress

the start of a water solube graphite
on untreated Arches HP paper...
surprising it got this far without too much anxt!


quick conte

a quick conte study done at the end of this
morning's session - had been starting a gouache-
drawing from the top of the model's head -
upside down heads and bodies are hard work
I find - so when I ran out of steam
(the model had been sleeping so she was OK!!!)
I just moved and used conte sticks to sketch
and probably this is better than the longer study...


probably as far

probably as far as I want to go with
this at the moment........


risking boring you

hope not to drive you all away but here is another
tiny step for this man and the slow evolution
of this gouache - trying to get it done before this
young lady comes to model again!

one finished one to go

top image the gouache I am slowly working on-
the lower the charcoal started on Saturday
and probably finished.......


why do this?

this mornings session -I decided to try charcoal
on drafting film which I have not really done
before - certainly not with a model...
hence this title "Why do this"
the answer is always because I hope I get a
moment when model, pose, my concentration
and medium all merge to create a
wonderous drawing - distant laughter...
anyway this is as far as I have got and
it is starting to draw itself together....
more work to go into arm and hand at least-
all those gorgeous shapes and the arm and hand
held the real magic for me.....


this mornings start taken a wee bit further
followed by a wash of watercolour over the
figure area - always get a bit of pleasure
after putting a watercolour wash over gouache
at least when nothing disastrous has happened!

start in gouache

a shortened session with this lovely
young model, just enough time to get the drawing
going and apply a few wet washes of gouache.


enough already

need to leave this alone now-
might use it for a digital collage later..

bit further

thought I'd better post this now-
am considering lower background and whether
to add some colour/texture


a start in gouache

after Sunday's mess in water soluble graphite
(well my mess not Sunday's)
I decided I needed the calming balm
of gouache, so began this one....
am preparing some work to go to
a new gallery so this may not be
finished for a day or two....


very little added

did a tiny bit more to this but decided it
would stand up as it was,
started another with a model this morning-
exhausting! what a mess I've got into but as
I claim to like that I will just get on with it
and either post it tomorrow
or jump up and down on it in rage!


reasonable start

poor photos of what is for me a largish drawing,
50cms x 50cms, being watersoluble graphite
on gessoed board....
the face area needs some work as does the
lower part of the drawing, but a reasonable kick-off.

strategically placed splotches

probably as far as this goes - time to
try a couple of larger works using the wsg,
the title comes from a comment made about
these drawing when I posted them on Wetcanvas


start of test on Golden Absorbent Ground

this is the first stage of a test trying water soluble
graphite with Golden Absorbent Ground,
the latter being a weird beast and takes
some nerve and patience to use.
I have used it to prepare a large sheet of paper
and thought I had better try an off cut before
waisting the model's time on Sunday.
Takes marks quite easily and a wet brush
lifts areas quite well.... we will see what
happens next!

bit further

time to put this on the backburner
while it decides its fate

mid point in a mess

I started this with a model about ten days
ago and abandoned it after about half an
hour, then did an appalling pastel -
yet she still came back!
Started to rough it up a bit this morning
and it is starting to be interesting so will
do a bit more on it ....
water soluble graphite on Arches paper
and I have to say I was disappointed the
way the surface broke up when abused
but please that when it dried it could be
attacked with a blade etc which is the
toughness I expect of Arches


as far as they go

this is as far as this watersoluble graphite
goes for at the moment
and above that the recent gouache
as far as I wish to take it at the moment,
really an exercise in seeing how gouache
works in a realistic way for me....
and what I have learnt may come into good use...

next stage .... head detail

the next stage - just a bit added -
should have said this is not on my usual gesso
but some hot pressed thick Fabriano ..
so I have to be careful not to get too dark
too quickly as it is hard to recover the
lights on paper

returning to watersoluble graphite

the very start of a watersoluble graphite thingy
thought I would try to record its progress-
don't see why I should be the only one to suffer!!


sad eyed digital collage

this is originally an old charcoal based on the
beautiful heroine of an odd film called
"Jesus of Montreal"
and I have fiddled with it over the years
but this is now one of my new A3+ prints

and now for something completely different!

we have a couple of fields that ( as far as we know )
have never been cultivated, my wife Julie
has planted many trees and is this year
recording all the grasses and wild flowers
that are growing... we have one wild orchid
but last night when I was cutting weeds
- luckily by hand- I found a new one
for us - the lovely moorland spotted orchid!


have taken this gouache a bit further...
some alterations in drawing - interesting
how relatively easy it is to get rid of
problems with a hard brush and water...
and indulged myself in a favourite moment
of putting a faint watercolour wash
over a dry gouache painting....
who needs skydiving?
not yet finished


model returns....

always good when a model you liked and
lost touch with returns to sit......
this is as far as it got this morning
and obviously "it's only just begun doowaa"
gouache on stonehenge- drawing begun
with coloured pencil.....

finished print

this is the finished ready to go version-
will be printed +A3 size in pigment inks
the original drawing was popular -
the first person who saw it
(other than myself and the model)
bought it so perhaps this print will
also do well


new model in charcoal

back to charcoal for this morning's session
with this new model.......
may need a bit more work in a day or so..



this is the new digital version of an old watercolour
which will be one of my new A3
"digital collage" prints
it was a period when I was trying watercolour
on Golden Absorbant Ground which was
not easy to use but created one or two
interesting and messy paintings


gouache doodle

in a bit of becalmed water at the moment
and it seems to result in lots of doodles
and mini-experiments....
this is gouache on buff paper