started this in charcoal with model a week or so ago-
and as I am unable to get my regular ladies here
because of snow and ice I thought I would
occupy myself and try to work on it in pencil....
 though it is not completed yet 


after deciding

after deciding I liked the gouache best I had
another look at the pastel - sprayed it with water
brushed detail out and after it dried did a
bit more drawing into it....
but the scanner seems unhappy with some of the 
colours and it is a bit inaccurate......
beyond caring after spending 90 minutes digging our car
out of snow and ice on a hill a mile away
( I had to walk there from home with a shovel)
all because the council, as usual, is caught out
in surprise at the first snow of the winter even though
it was forecast several days ago -
promises to be a tedious winter as our road is
closed nearby for 16 weeks and because of that
it is not going to get any gritting or clearing
leaving three local families in some trepidation!

same pose - finished?

I think this is done-
gouache on Stonehenge buff paper
though not sure about Stonehenge paper
I find this colour good for gouache
and the paper is absorbent enough to suit gouache


same pose - a start in gouache

the second study of this same pose -
just a start in gouache - I like gouache but tend to
get too finished so I will try to avoid that.... 

Pastel quickie

I do need a break from charcoal so this is part
of my "holiday" from the gritty world of
black and white (a double meaning as a
Newcastle United fan!)
This small pastel is from a snap I took last session
with lovely model - that sort of quiet twisting
hair sort of moment...
a mix of pastels on Clairefontaine Pastelmat



decided to rework this a bit-
am getting disatisfied with charcoal at the moment
so we shall see what happens over next day or so!


detail - this morning's charcoal

this is a detail of this morning's drawing.....
the bits I have not shown are a bit awkward
and need working on....
the hair and face need a tiny bit more work but
I was reasonably happy with the fluid feeling
and mark making and to be with
this lovely model again


surprise visitor

its always a treat when a model turns up from the past
and the nude is a drawing done from a surprise visitor.
not finished yet.... charcoal
the top drawing is a little doodle in charcoal
on untreated hot pressed paper-
I was so sick of getting sore bleeding fingers
from my prepared surfaces that I wanted
to try a smooth surface...
I did, however, buy some fabric plasters
to use on my fingers for my next session 
as they protect and give an interesting effect
when "smudging" or shifting the charcoal.
little posted recently - been getting work
to galleries and doing some (yawn) administration


another poor photo!

managed some work on this today -
yesterday spent delivering some new drawings
to the Torrance Gallery in Edinburgh for their
Chhristmas mixed show -
get the feeling this drawing needs shaking up,
or perhaps it is me!


a decent midstage

forgive the dark image - it is an extremely gloomy
afternoon and I photographed this stage
on the easel by light of a single table lamp...
it is starting to get somewhere

a decent start

this is a detail from a square drawing
that I have just begun....
charcoal on prepared watercolour board


a model muse

I think this is the charcoal on canvas finished......


beginning on canvas

this is the start of a charcoal drawing on prepared
canvas 50cm x 50cm
just getting the face about right it has had it's first fix
and should develop nicely


thursday's pose

one of the problems with my charcoals on
prepared paper is that the surface is abrasive
and I get raw finger ends... I have never
liked blood mixed with charcoal so I have
been trying one or two different ssurfaces....
always the requirement is simple, a surface must
readily take charcoal
(preferably without too aggressive a mark),
rub back to white and must be able to acheive a dense black
even with fixing and redrawing....
this was my first attempt drawing
from my lovely model with a matte medium
as the surface........


dark eyes

a smallish charcoal on prepared paper


variation on a favourite theme

charcoal and white conte on Lascaux pastel ground...
trying to get the luminous beauty of this girl


6 november finished

bit more work done on this charcoal
aimed at a dhow in Edinburgh it has a
good "feel" to me


6 November - a start

a start in charcoal on prepared paper...
drawing this model is a constant delight...
will start another drawing tomorrow with her
then work on them over the week to come


a first session

I often wonder whether a first session is more worrying
for me or my first time amateur model....
it is taken up with lots of chat about how it all works,
what she is to expect from me and visa versa.....
and in the end you get an hour to look at your new muse
and find out how to "see" her....
and the model has to decide whether she can cope
for two hours with the madman in the room...
this lady will be great to draw and did not seem
to be put off with me staring at her....
a first sketch in charcoal and white conte


charcoal on unpleasant surface

Charcoal on prepared paper.....
a "not" watercolour paper with a texture
I really dislike for charcoal so I lost
heart a bit... this is a scan of
the central portion....