watercolour and coloured pencil -
one of those faces that are made for the camera


another time

conte, watercolour and coloured pencils

grumpy old man

the top image is the result of two day work -
other half is at least helping the compost pile


even smaller still

keep going back to this image....
conte, charcoal, pastel,watercolour
and coloured pencil on Stonehenge paper


she don't look back

a small mixed media study...
her look reminded me of the Dylan lines
"she's got everything she needs
she's an artist
she don't look back


small rain, small study

a small mixed media landscape.......



like the idea of a damaged looking image
or surface at the moment -
hence this and the last image....
manly conte and watercolour


a small goodbye

just trying to work some things out....
conte with watercolour

a local harbour

a small study of a local harbour...St. Abbs...
trying to find a mix of materials suitable
for using on the spot if our summer
ever arrives and allows some outside work.



a scene not far from where I live -
always fascinated by the house
top of hill and white dots that are sheep



basically conte, watercolour and a touch of pastel


a flow

back to my more usual concerns...
watercolour, conte and coloured pencil


two more quiet conte studies

two small conte studies
to one with watercolour and coloured pencil.
At the same time am doing a large (for me)
semi-abstract landscape collage for
a show - it is in the balance so may
be destroyed tomorrow or finished 


some doodles

the top image a quiet drawing in conte,
watercolour and some pastel
lower one a mess of potage


failures and shortcomings

the top two were to be the first stages of
a work in progress but I over worked
the final image and realized too late that
it was ruined - but the second stage is,
I think, interesting. I may rough up the
spoiled image when I feel stronger....
lower image is watercolour


a surprise

Out of the blue I got an email from Belgrade from
Suzana to say she had used a couple of my images...
a really interesting blog!


messing with charcoal

I used to hate mixing any other media with
charcoal.... so am still trying to do just that...
charcoal, pastel, watercolour and coloured pencil.

some doodles

some doodles, top one charcoal, pastel etc
and the lower two just watercolour and small!